Update 4/24/17: I won! Will wonders never cease?

Last night, I happened upon this contest from Korrektiv Press to turn a pop song into a sonnet. I’ve had way too much fun writing this, so I thought I’d share and invite you to join in! Feel free to post your own creations in the comments here, as well as in the official contest.

Alas, no satisfaction cans’t I receive
Though the attempt repeatedly I make
Whilst rambling in horseless carriage, without reprieve
Some gentleman drones counsel I shan’t take
Say I, I cannot find contentedness
Though heartily do I endeavor more
The flashing box promotes dementedness
Of a launderer whose tobacco I abhor
Again, bereft, unsatisfied, I cry
Whilst I bemoan the maid with eyes so fair
Who to answer my entreaty doth deny
Even a fleeting glance with me to share
Cheerfulness eludeth me ever
In delight I shall indulge myself never

-The Rolling Stones
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Karen Ullo is the author of the vampire saga Jennifer the Damned. To find out more, go to www.karenullo.com.