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Hi! I’m Karen Ullo, award-winning author of three novels in three different genres (gothic horror, fairytale/ fantasy, and historical fiction). I’m also the editorial director of Chrism Press (part of Roseanna White’s company, WhiteFire Publishing), a screenwriter, and a classically trained soprano. My historical fiction novel To Crown with Liberty releases May 1.

New Orleans, 1795. In the wake of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, Alix de Morainville Carpentier—a former lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, now married to her gardener—seeks peace and security in the Spanish colony of Louisiana. But her journey into the man-eating swamp called Attakapas reopens the wounds of her old life in France. Alix is forced to reckon with the choices that saved her life at the cost of her honor—and perhaps her soul.

In revolutionary France, the Old World is dying; the quest for liberty, equality, and fraternity has become a nightmare where the price of dissent is blood. In the wilderness of Spanish Louisiana, a new civilization is beginning to emerge—but in this budding New World, the slave trade perpetuates the systems of oppression that sparked the revolution. Caught between old and new, scarred by trauma and grief, will Alix ever find a home where she can truly be free?

To Crown with Liberty is a historical novel based on riveting legends from George Washington Cable’s Strange True Stories of Louisiana (1888).

The French Revolution intrigues me because of the dissonance between what it claimed to stand for—Liberty, Equality, Fraternity—and what really happened during the Reign of Terror. How could the pursuit of such noble goals have such horrific results?

If we look at the question through the eyes of faith, the answer is simple. The French Revolution turned reason and rights into idols. This culminated in two state-sponsored cults, the Cult of Reason in 1792-93, and the Cult of the Supreme Being in 1794. Both sought to eliminate the practice of Christianity by turning the religious allegiance of the French people toward the Nation.

The last remaining artifact of the Cult of the Supreme Being at Saint-Sulpice Church


In To Crown with Liberty, Alix experiences the events that twisted the pursuit of liberty and equality into the Terror—events that resonate today, as we too live in an age that often values human reason above the will of God. But not even the Terror could purge the Light of Christ from the world, or from Alix’s heart and life.

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